A photograph is initiated by light and sealed by a sound / noise.

To make noise, outcry, and clamor. 

Noise visual lab is a double narrated visual articulation. It’s a junction between two artists Ghena Safawi and Rabih Ibrahim. Noise conducts frames both separate and in sequence, static and in motion.

Our services include conceptual photography, portraiture, fashion editorial, art direction, architecture photography, events, stop motion, and any creative venture that comes our way   

Ghena Safawi is a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. She is a graphic designer by trade and a photographer by passion. In 2014 Ghena participated in #MobilePhotoNow exhibition in Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, USA. #MobilePhotoNow exhibition has received nearly 45,000 submissions from 5,000 photographers in 89 countries on six continents. The images included in the exhibition where 320 five of which were by Ghena. In addition to that, one of Ghena’s photos was featured in Newsweek magazine 2015 in the “Street Photography” category to highlight the mobile creativity. Finally, in the year of 2014 one of Ghena’s photos was featured in Polaroid Museum in Las Vegas, USA.

Rabih Ibrahim is an Architect and a filmmaker. He was born in Beirut in 1984. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture in 2007 at the American University of Beirut. He then moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2010 to study filmmaking. Rabih experiments within different fields of art, focused mainly on animation and photography. Rabih worked at different architectural firms in Lebanon, of note the award winning design office Polypod. He collaborated with Polypod on Dubai Constant which was selected to be published in WA awards book (World of Architecture Community http://www.worldarchitecture.org/) .His movie Love & Moustaches was selected in Beirut International Festival, and his photography work on Beirut Municipality Stadium, and Saida Olympic Stadium was published in the Executive Magazine. Recently his photo installation Victims : Walls was on display in minus 1 Beirut.